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Rahamel Hughes

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Rahamel Hughes, known affectionately as Rah, is a remarkable fiber artist renowned for her captivating mixed media art pieces. With an unwavering dedication to upcycling and a deep appreciation for denim, Rah embarks on a mission to reimagine these humble materials by creating awe-inspiring artworks that seamlessly blend texture, color, and storytelling.

As a revered fiber artist, Rahamel Hughes continues to push the boundaries of her craft, captivating audiences with her evocative mixed media pieces. Her dedication to upcycling, passion for art, and ability to infuse her creations with a sense of narrative have made her an influential figure in the world of contemporary fiber art. With every stitch and scrap Rah invites us to reevaluate our relationship with the world around us and to rediscover the magic of creativity through up-cycling. 

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