African & African American Art in Cleveland

Both African art and African American art continue to gain interest and momentum in the art world, and it’s no wonder why. The unique perspective offered by African and African American artists truly cannot be replicated anywhere else. It’s art with roots deep in cultural meaning, but more than just painting a story about history, it has also been a spark for societal change.

At Framed Gallery, we’re always looking to showcase and spread the love of black art to Ohio art connoisseurs and beginners alike. In this article, we’ll share 3 Cleveland art galleries you can visit to gain exposure to and appreciation for both African art and African American art. 


The African American Museum

When one thinks of black art and history, the first place that often comes to mind in Cleveland is the African American Museum. The iconic architecture was designed by Cleveland architect Charles F. Schweinfurth, and the museum itself permanently holds over 7,000 items of cultural significance. From paintings, sculptures, and photographs to books, artifacts and documents, this museum features landmark pieces of African American history in Ohio. 

This museum not only serves as an amazing reminder of the talent and history of black Americana artists, it is also a cultural institution that plays a large role in promoting inclusion, diversity, and education in the community.


The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art is the place to go for an all-around art experience in Cleveland. It features art from many cultures and parts of the world, including a large collection of African American art and featuring various African art pieces. This collection holds pieces from well over 100 years ago to modern art made in recent years. This comprehensive look through the history of African American art allows one to see life through the eyes of black artists through the years. 


Private Galleries

Private art galleries in Cleveland Ohio, such as Framed Gallery, offer a smaller, more intimate setting to view art. At Framed Gallery, our purpose is to display and celebrate art works from emerging, mid-career and established black artists. Galleries like these are wonderful places to learn about and support local artists. 

At private Cleveland art galleries like Framed Gallery, you can do more than just view the art. You can purchase the pieces you love! If you are looking for African art or American art for sale, then visiting a private gallery on your trip to Cleveland, Ohio is a wonderful place to visit and see the artwork in real life.

At Framed Gallery, we feel passionately about bringing black art into the public eye, and making it available for you to take home and appreciate forever. Our exhibitions and showcased artists are a popular activity for tourists and locals that is highlighted on our website for you to learn more about.

If you have any questions about our gallery or making an investment in our art, please feel free to reach out to us.