How to Choose Art For Your Home

Every piece of decor that you feature in your home is an expression of who you are, but there’s something uniquely personal about your wall art selections. Nothing reflects your personality, serves as a conversation piece, and elegantly pulls a room together quite like well-chosen artwork. 

When decorating a new home or room, many people go about selecting furniture, textiles, and other decor and leave artwork as an afterthought. At Framed Gallery, we want to turn that process on its head so you choose art that actually lays the framework for decorating the rest of your home. 

But with literally hundreds of thousands of options and the potential for your tastes to change, how do you tap into your style and invest in timeless wall art that will be loved and admired for years to come? Here’s a few tips that will help you with the process. 


Find Your Style

There’s art to match every style you can imagine. When you’re art shopping, it’s very easy to become swayed by the tastes of others. While it’s fine to draw inspiration from what you see online or in someone else’s home, the only way to be truly happy long term with the art in your home is to find what speaks to you. 

Think about things and places you love, colors that make you feel happy and relaxed, or historical events that mean something to you. Make a list of things that represent your personality and passions. Visit a local art gallery to see some possibilities. Somewhere within there lies your style, and having a very clear definition of your aesthetic will be the ideal first step in selecting artwork that will stand the test of time.


Find the Focal Point in Each Room

Every room has a focal point, which is the first piece that catches your eye upon entering. Locating the focal point in each room you want to feature wall art is an important factor in selecting art. For example, if the living room focal point is the sofa, placing a large framed abstract artwork above the sofa can be a great statement piece. If the focal point is a fireplace, sometimes less is more if the fireplace itself is a feature; in this case, you may opt for artwork that has simpler or more neutral tones.


Vacation Inspiration

Have a vacation to a place you really love coming up? Whether you’re traveling to  another country or just a few cities away, use the opportunity to keep your eyes open in hotels, boutiques, museums, and any other location that sells or features art. You may choose to purchase something on the spot that is calling you, or you may get inspired by a piece and find something similar online or from a local art seller when you get back home.

At Framed Gallery, we are passionate about many things. One of them is helping our customers find African American art that is thoughtful and intentional and adds cultural depth to your home or business. Check out our wonderful selection of local artists, and feel free to contact us with any questions.