3 Reasons Galleries are Important

 Think of the last time you visited an art gallery. It was probably merely for pleasure. You probably leisurely strolled through the array of framed art, sculptures, and other pieces while reading as much as you could from the description plates and discussing your thoughts on each with whoever was accompanying you. Then you left and thought, “Wow, that was nice!” and didn’t give it much more thought. 

While pleasure and enjoyment are definitely an important goal of an organized art gallery, art galleries serve many different purposes that you may not even consider as a visitor. Having an awareness of the vital role art galleries play in the art world and society in general may give you a deeper appreciation for them and a different perspective the next time you visit one. Let’s discuss 3 reasons art galleries are so very important!


  • Art Preservation

While the display is an added benefit, preserving and maintaining art pieces so they can be viewed and appreciated in the future is one of the primary roles of art galleries. Without proper preservation, even the most beautiful and famous works of art can become lost, damaged, and eventually forgotten. Art galleries take appropriate measures to ensure that art is kept in optimal condition from the moment it is acquired, preventing these pieces from becoming lost to time. In this way, art galleries provide a safe home for works of art to live and thrive so that they can be studied and admired for generations to come.


  • Support for Artists

The art world is extremely competitive. The best way for artists to get the word out about their work and reach a wider audience is to have it on display at an art gallery. In addition to exposure from gallery visitors, galleries also have opportunities to lend artists a hand with marketing and promoting as well as pricing and selling their work. If an artist is struggling to get noticed, art galleries give them a platform for valuable support and exposure.


  • Cultural Awareness

How often do you leave an art gallery and find that you’ve learned at least one new thing about a country or culture different from your own? That’s because a key element of an art gallery is to contribute to the cultural landscape of the community by showcasing both local art and art from around the world. In this way, the public gets the opportunity to view and appreciate pieces that they may not have the chance to see otherwise. In addition, the art featured in galleries can raise awareness of social issues that the artist feels are important, such as poverty, inequality, climate change, etc.


Hopefully this article has broadened your perspective on art galleries as much more than buildings that display artwork. Every art gallery serves as a platform for artists to not only showcase their work but also promote cultural awareness, provide valuable art preservation, and afford valuable resources to artists, collectors, and visitors alike.  

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