The Importance of African American Art | Framed Art Gallery

What exactly is it about African American art that draws you? Is the style representative of something that is personal to you and your family? Is it the colors and shapes? Whatever your interest, educating yourself about the background and history of African American art and its importance in our society is an imperative step before investing in any purchase. The more we know, the more we incorporate this art not just into our homes but into our hearts. 

So what are the roots of African American art, and what exactly makes its modern presence such an integral part of history? Today we are going to discuss three sectors of importance that African American art plays today.

Sharing the Struggles and Triumphs

The history of African Americans has many layers that, if not discussed and celebrated, can get buried and forgotten. The truth is that black history is extremely unique. Black art at its essence allows African Americans to share, remember, and educate about the hardships, triumphs, and gifts that brought America’s black story to life. 

The spark of creativity within black art was birthed during the Harlem Renaissance from the 1920s through the 1930s. Despite decades of oppression and slavery, African Americans remained determined to shape their identities through literature, film, music, and - you guessed it - art! This allowed them to take control of their narrative and make sure the world saw their side. African American  art depicts historical events that black people can reflect on from time to time and take pride in their story, as well as sharing it with visitors.

Honoring Previous Generations of Artists

A person who chooses to display African American art in their home honors, not only current generations of artists, but also the generations that preceded them. These previous generations of artists represent the history of a people that refused to give up on their talents and abilities, despite all efforts to keep them down. This is a beautiful part of the world’s history, and the artists that contributed to this representation of African Americans deserve to be honored and remembered. 

While modern black art may be your preference, the artists that inspired those concepts had firsthand experience of the concepts and events that serve as the foundation for African American art as we know it today. Incorporating respect for these artists helps us incorporate the heart and soul of the pieces we own into our homes in a more meaningful way.

Educating the Youth

Regardless of their race or age, African American art is an excellent way to spark conversation with children about black history. When presented methodically with words that children can appreciate, art can also be a very effective academic tool. How so? Children are naturally curious. Discussing and educating children about this part of history in all its many facets has been known to play on that curiosity and increase vocabulary, reading appreciation, and overall social-emotional development. 

Art has a way of elevating darkness into something that should be celebrated, and children are a clean palette that are primed and ready to learn what should be taboo and what should be celebrated. Introducing children to African American art and explaining the people and concepts depicted elevates black history as something that they should be proud to discuss. They will then be excited to share what they learn with friends, family, and eventually their own children.


We are passionate about providing you and your family with a wide variety of African American art that you’ll be proud to display in your home as an expression of something close to your heart. Take a look at our talented artists, and feel free to contact us to learn more about what you can expect from your investment.