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“When I create a painting, I want to create environment that draws upon deep emotions, fills the soul, and places the viewer in the painting,” say Vincent Keele, a second-generation expressionist painter living and working in Washington. His works focus on creating paintings that embody movement, energy, and luminous light.

In his works, Keele puts cognitive thinking in the foreground, letting the viewer discover and imagine along the way. He paints each artwork with a mix of expressionism and abstraction, with bold, colorful flowing lines. Keele finds that art is a binder; it brings people together in thoughts, feelings, and expressions. By retelling history, bringing back special people and places that have been misplaced, overwritten, or forgotten.

Keele uses art to awaken cognitive thoughts to harness creative energy and to research the limits of universal thinking. Invoking conversations, he insights curiosity in the mind to learn and experience more. This type of non-invasive exchange furnishes ways to discuss everything about the painted subject and bring social consciousness to all.

A prize-winning artist, Keele, whose works have been featured in solo and group shows nationally, work primarily in acrylic on canvas. His paintings are characterized by rhythmic lines and swirls overlayed on top of colorful patterns, giving each work buzzing momentum.

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