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Working across diverse media, including painting, collage, computer design, photography, and animation, Angolan native Joana Taya is preoccupied with female identity, particularly the social position of women within Angolan society. In her work, Taya expresses concepts through portraits and human shapes, mixing abstract motifs, geometrical and organic shapes with different patterns all in a graphic, yet meticulous way. She is most concerned with keeping in touch with people and their stories by choosing to highlight the beauty and the positive side of life.


Taya paintings reflect the concept of the mind, human interactions, and perceptions. Her individual and common essence illustrates how she perceives humanity and our surroundings, independently of geographical or historical context. It’s about a state of being, beyond social codification. Still, Taya’s works elicit common feelings by highlighting a celebration of diversity and highlighting how humankind is collectively unique, but at the same time, part of one communal organism on earth.


The various Tchinganges (luck charms) are drawn from her childhood memories of traditional ceremonies in certain Angolan communities. Taya revisits and retells these memories which, in turn and in spirit, have become her personal magnetisms to ward off malicious evil spirits.


A graduate of the University of Creative Arts in the United Kingdom with a degree in art and graphic design, Taya has taught design in Norway, and curated programs in her homeland.


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