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Life is like sculpture and painting. We are born. Our parents shape and mold us then set us free. The cycle never stops. We are in a constant state of creation. We never die. We are just planted back into the earth and we come back as clay or paintings to be shaped and sculpted again. My art is about human form and my emotional connection towards it. I often exaggerate the human figure. Many of my pieces have hands attached to heads, or hands in the place of necks, or elongated necks and missing body parts altogether. In this, the anatomy takes on an entirely new meaning. I am focusing on the relationship between parts of the body that may otherwise go unnoticed. Much of my work is focused on females. For me, there is much greater sensitivity in women. Men are much less willing to show their sensitive side where as women express emotion more freely. It is that freedom of emotion I want to incorporate into my work.

When I am sculpting I’m a million miles away and I’m not sure if I have ever come back. The more I create the further out there I get. My artistic creations allow me to take my viewers with me on my creative journeys.

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