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Azuka Muoh

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A visual artist, designer, and film enthusiast whose works aim at bringing to light the typically ignored intricacies of the human condition, Azuka Muoh uses street harassment and the misconceptions of boyhood in Africa as the backdrop for her digital surrealism. An advocate for mental health awareness and gender equality, Muoh works calls questions to masculinity while revealing otherwise hidden repercussions of stereotypes in her effervescent collage-style art.

Muoh uses tires to depict her subjects clouded in the dominance of masculinity in an everyday manner. She incorporates “Di Okpara” in her work, which refers to the firstborn son of a family in the Igbo tradition. In this regard, Di Okpara is a metaphor for the arrogant and oppressive nature of the misconstrued perception of masculinity in Africa, especially Eastern Nigeria where women, effeminate and homosexual men are victims.

Through surrealism, film, and motion design, Muoh's work serves as a commentary, questioning masculinity and the ripple effect of cultural oppression. Addressing individualism, Muoh beckons viewers to delve into the human condition and witness beauty and chaos juxtapose in traditional practices and stereotypes.


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