Preston Sampson

"Art is an expression of my personal experience with life. In my work, I have created a rhythmic improvisation of relationships and narrative sequences that are presented to the viewer through an exploration of color. My interest in the ever changing condition of man and his relationships with himself and others, provide the foundation for the various complexities of individual and group dynamics that I feel are vital in my works.

Color is the primary focus of my work and it provides the tone for delivering the image. This is evident in the intuitive flow as well its interaction with paper or canvas surface. These surfaces, in the form of raw canvas or paper void of pigment, are deliberate trials to remind the eye that what it is seeing is a creation from scratch, and that the trail exists from concept to creation.

The figure in perpetual motion, is my metaphor for the unfolding surprise, hope and ascension o the human spirit. Recurring images continue to be spirits or ancestors who protect and give guidance. My aim is to move the viewer into the mood and moment with the use of color and gesture; to feel certain changes, like fleeting moments of memory or dreams. Flecks of color and line are used to give life its streams of consciousness, experiences, and hopes. The sonorous use of color is an effective vehicle to narrate the universal experiences of relationships." 

Sampson's illuminating works on un-stretched and un-primed canvas have gained him a national acclaim from private and institutional art collectors.

  • Celebrations
  • The Man
  • Unconquerable Souls