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Tiffani Glenn

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Enabling viewers to look beyond the obvious in each of her portraits is the charge of Tiffani Glenn, an emerging artist building a foundation for greater notoriety and success.  Through paintings of stylized caricatures with exaggerated statuesque forms and identities, Glenn is embarked upon a creative journey recognizing perseverance is the only pathway.

 Glenn draws upon her own worldview as a woman, and her formal education in media arts and animation to generate a body of works filled with energy and range.  Today, Glenn finds solace in painting images viewers often find profoundly familiar.  Reflections of oneself on canvas with a distinctive and whimsical point of view.

 Using vibrant colors to set the tone and tenor of her canvases, Glenn paints mostly Black women overcoming adversity exuding self-love, acceptance, confidence and empowerment in each artistic work.  Still, her mission is to develop bodacious images that come across as proud and inspiring while embracing an individual diversity and difference.

 For Glenn, this translates in an image that is able to let go of traditional norms that may infer an impression of who the character is or supposed to be.  Instead, viewers may discern for themselves a back story to fill the void; permitting each figure to merely be without shame or abandonment.  Each woman celebrates an authenticity and beauty of self, family and Blackness.

 Using oil paints, Glenn has developed a personal panache for blending colors to convey depth and  context.  Likewise, she effectively finds her personal voice within the modality to forge an artistic expression that inspires, invigorates and frees the human spirit.

 Glenn, a native of Tampa, Fla., earned a BFA from the Art Institute of Tampa


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