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Ibiok Bright

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Embracing the elements of abstractions, deceptions, exaggerations, and stylization are provocatively interpretations of Ibiok Bright’s reflection of his life and artistic mission. His works are inspired using lines that are the primary principle of drawings. He has coined his excessive practice of incorporating lines as “kriloo” meaning “creative lines.”

 Bright hails from Akwa Ibom State Nsit-Ubium Local Government region. Majoring in painting and mixed media exploration, Bright attended the famous art school Auchi Polytechnic Edo State graduating among the best students in 2013. His works have been viewed in solo exhibitions in addition to some auctions and group shows. Currently, Bright manages his own studio as a full-time practicing artist in Lagos-Ogun State Nigeria, and is considered among the country’s top painters producing works today.


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