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Fredrick Idele

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Fredrick Idele is a mixed media artist and art instructor who sees his immediate environment as a large canvas that offers limitless space to explore and experiment. He expresses himself in conceptual figurative rendition through diverse materials like pastel, charcoal, pencils, markers, and acrylic. Fredrick is a graduate of the University of Benin who lives and works in Benin, Nigeria.

Fredrick whom is usually challenged by empty canvases, responds to this challenge by spontaneously experimenting with diverse materials to create conceptual and distorted figures. Lines, symbols and shapes afford him the liberty to express himself with less restriction and infuse symbolic characters that enhance his narratives. Fredrick's art speaks of hope and courage in diverse situations. He is inspired by the perception of himself as well as the day to day happenings around him. As the subject of his art, he relate his personal experiences with that of others to create a chain of shared experiences.

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