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Benigno Tengo

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Benigno Tengo, an Angola native, was born into an artistic family. His signature surrealist lizard-type figures with strong lines in ton-sur-ton or matching shades and color schemes. His dissected images, built up from repeated patterns, combine a rational distance with a remarkable touch of melancholy and vulnerability.

Publicly exhibiting from an early age, Tengo art has been showcased in Angola and beyond, although he is currently seeking further academic fine arts training. Despite the early stage in his career, he shows already a remarkable own signature and identity and has been exhibiting in Angola, Spain, France, and the Netherlands. 

Tengo views his artworks mostly as a metaphorical exploration of diverse aspects of the human experience. He expounds upon relationships, personal inner struggles, fear, death, love, hate, loneliness, memories, and dreams.


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