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Color explosion is merely one way to describes the visions of unyielding emotionally arresting art works by Aaron Allen. From portraits to collages to murals, Allen uses a range of saturated hues to embolden life in his artworks. In each, he seeks to capture and express a personal experience from his lens as an African American artist, while expressing his passion for creativity and enjoyment of art.

 Most recently, Allen has used the Black Lives Matter movement and the national conversations surrounding race in the United States as inspiration and influence for his commentary. Still, he is masterfully able to express his revelations using a range of mediums, including acrylics and oils on a multitude of surfaces ranging from canvas, wood, and metal, among other textured façades. While faces and figures are the main source of paintings, Allen expanded his range to include cubism and mural/collages. Incorporating symbols and figures assists in directing a narrative throughout his works to signify freedom. Then again, his use of flowers represents growth, passion, pride, prosperity, and gratitude.

 Impelled by the works of Frida Kahlo and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Allen’s works are infused with the complexity of activism and the representation of their experiences. Other influences come from the likes of Kara Walker, Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, Kerry James Marshall and Kehinde Wiley.

 Allen resides in Phoenix and enjoys commissions for his work from around the country.

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